“Prometheus” Review

Look at this picture. Even Ridley Scott is bummed about the Alien prequel. I was cautioned to have low expectations when I went to see “Prometheus”. Friends warned against paying anymore than matinée prices to see the film. So I prayed to Ridley Scott and Damon Lindelof not to let me down.

Butttttt even with low expectations, I was still disappointed by the film’s major plot holes. I did enjoy watching the film, and was completely seduced by the graphics and visual quality of the work, but as I let the story settle in, I came up with more questions than I had answers for— and not in “good” existential kind of way. Also I was confused by some of the choices when it came to creature designs. Horrible sex organs in space? And these religious over-tones? Layin’ it on a little thick guys.

The shadow of Damon Lindelof, “Lost” co-creator looms large over the film. Lindelof co-wrote the film and many of the themes of “Lost” are apparent on this project. Mostly the “let’s write an awesome sci-fi project and insert a religious message” theme that tied up the final season of Lost. So there was that in this film, but this time literally “meeting our makers”, were the alien engineers and no kind of terrestrial god.

In the film “Prometheus” humans and Michael Fassbender travel across the universe to find alien life. Inevitably the crew finds the aliens and horrible, unthinkable, things befall them. We get violence! Suspense! Gore! An “R” rating for christ sake, which in this day and age I consider a blessing for films for the simple fact that most big-budget movies see an “R” rating as a death wish. Say what you will about things we didn’t like — the movie would have sucked way more with a”PG-13″ rating.

“Prometheus” asks its audience difficult questions, some we are meant to consider, but others are blatant plot holes. If we follow the logic presented in the film, that is alien species engineered us after its own image, and we share the same genetic code as them— what then does that say about the billions of years of evolution? Also why were the engineers such jerks? They create us and then want to kill us? What was all the goo? How come those dudes got lost when they charted the whole cave system? Also why did so many of the creatures look like human sex organs? Was that just me? We had vagina dentatas, and phalluses all up in that ship. But like mutant-alien-sex organs, with teeth and unnatural colors. Horrifying.

The guys at Red Letter Media do a pretty good job of summing up the plot holes.

Overall, I think I am indifferent to the film— it could have been a little better but it also could have been a lot worse… “Prometheus” provided an entertaining afternoon at the movies and none of the problems I brought up made me want to stop watching the movie. I kinda enjoyed it! Relative success!

Still love you Ridley ‘bb.


  1. Margaret

    Found two free tickets at the theater and saw that as a sign to go see it…but felt just about as confused as you afterwards. Maybe it was a sign NOT to see it.

    P.S. What was up with the very beginning?! That oversized ripped dude should have known that drinking sparkly black goo never ends well.

  2. anotherexilefromparadise

    I waited to read this until after I saw the movie, and I’m glad I held back. My first comment coming out of the theater was, ‘Awesome!’ That’s because it was awesome. But very quickly I began to examine some of the questions that had presented themselves during the film, and those questions only begot further questions. I was soon left with the word ‘problematic’ to replace my original summation, although I still really enjoyed the movie. There was so much that just didn’t make sense and appeared to be sloppy writing that I was at once confused and disappointed. All told, I’m glad I saw it, and I may even watch it again online and try to wrestle with some of these questions some more, but I’ll definitely check out Red Letter Media for now. Thanks for that link! 🙂

  3. emilysoule

    I still loved it and I love to hate it. More so than any new releases lately “Promo” actually inspired me to do something rather than making me feel angry and defeated. Relative victory!

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